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In accordance with the Fire Safety Act 2014 FLS Associates will assist in keeping “World Class” tourism products on the market. Every year we will ensure that your facility meets the minimum requirements to obtain a full hotel license. Our experienced hotel inspectors have worked with or on behalf of AHJ's before and will use this experience to ensure that your facility meets both local and international standards.


FLS Associates will design a maintenance program or evaluate the existing maintenance program, evaluate existing contracts, and evaluate the following systems to ensure efficiency:

  • Fire Alarm and Signaling System

  • Fire Pump and Sprinkler System

  • Emergency Water Supplies and Wells

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency Power (Generators)

  • Means of Egress Components (Doors, Stairs)

  • Exit Signs

  • Passive Fire Protection (Fire Stopping, Fire Barriers)

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Kitchen Hood and Duct Systems 




FLS Associates will evaluate the hotel Emergency Management Plans and train staff in its use.

All inspections will be scheduled with the local authorities

Our aim is to take the burden off of management so that they can focus on running the hotel

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